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July 9, 2018
July 9, 2018

Celebrating the BIG 40 at YBR!

  • When: 07/09/2018
  • Q: Faith
  • Pax: ShakeNBake, Batter Up, Rosie, Uhaul, BabyLok, Herkie, List it, Smores (R), Stretch, Post Op, Barbie, Lois Lane, Gadget (R), Bracket, Speedy(R), Bling, Hershey

mid 70’s and clear

18 PAX gathered at the stairs of Yellow Brick Road to help me celebrate turning 40 by turning out a workout of 40’s! It all went down at the top and bottom of the steps and I may or may not have lost count a time or two… 🙂 Imagine Dragons tunes throughout.

We got through 2 rounds of each of the following exercises to give us a lovely 40 reps of each total!

Thank you all for pushing through this one with me!

1. 20 Pushups, run up stairs, 20 Sidekicks (each side), run back to bottom of stairs

2. 20 Burpees, run up stairs, 20 Squats-arms OUT, run back to bottom of stairs

3. 20 High Knees, up stairs, 30 big arm circles F & B, run back down

4. 20 Mountain Climbers, up stairs, Butt Kickers, and back down

5. 20 Jump Squats, yep..go up, 20 Alt Back Lunges, down.

Hydrate & Stretch


Seam Ripper (Victoria – FIA Columbia) 19 yo son Jack Fleischer who passed away after a swim accident

FIA Memorial 3mile run (1.5mile walk) will be this Saturday 7/14 from the State House; Service for Jack will be Saturday at 11am at Trinity Cathedral




JULY LHS AO Social @ Zeta’s house-this coming Sunday July 15th @ 2pm. See the Event on the FB Group page for more info.

SEPT 8th – Race to the Finish 5K & 1Mile Family/K9 FunRun (Faith and husband Rec are organizing this 5K) for Northside Baptist Church Global Missions. More info and registration link to come soon through Run Hard website.


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