February 4, 2019

Retail Therapy PB: My B-day & Q’versay!

Take advantage of these warm mornings and join me for a full-body Tabata workout. Bring your mat and water. See you in the am.
January 19, 2019

Cougar Town PB: 21!

It’s the morning of 21 – the 21st day of January and 21 degrees!  Well below my temperature threshold but we’ll get warm fast and stay […]
January 15, 2019

Comet Pre-Blast: So many combos!

Bring dumbbells (6lb+ would be good, something moderate yet close to challenging), mat, gloves – Richard Barry Park, by Barnette Elem, 5:30am – be there!
January 13, 2019

Lion’s Den PB: Birthday Q

Come to Lion’s Den and help me celebrate turning 40 (for the 19th time)! Wear gloves and you might need a mat–haven’t decided yet!
January 9, 2019

Genesis Pre-blast: Get your BUTT up!!!

Bundle up! Get your Butt to Genesis tomorrow, b/c that’s what we’ll be working! With a side of Arms! Bring dumbbells (a set of lite + […]
December 31, 2018

Eagle’s Nest Preblast: Ringing in 2019

Start the new year off right with a weighted circuit/stations workout. Bring your heavy dumbbells (10-15lbs) and/or kettle bell, a mat, gloves and a jump rope […]
December 31, 2018

Post Blast: Convergence 12/31/2018 @ Peace Train

We had a great 1 hr workout to commemorate the last day of the year!   This is what went down: Warm-Up: 20 seconds each exercise  […]
December 30, 2018

12/31/18 Pre Blast: Convergence @ Freedom Park

LAST workout of the year!!! Make it BIG! We will meet at the gravel lot in front of Freedom Park for the 12/31/2018 convergence at 5:15am. […]
December 28, 2018

Summit Preblast (for Monday): So Long 2018!

Join me Monday 5:30a @ DPK as we say goodbye to 2018! You need gloves, mat, water and a kettlebell or weight you can swing. See […]
December 25, 2018

Comet Pre-Blast It’s “T” Time

Join me Wednesday morning at 5:30am for a post Christmas Tabata workout. Bring weights, mat, water. See you in the morning!!
December 23, 2018

Summit Pre-blast: Caroling Time!

Join me for a yuletide of caroling as we workout at DPK at ADJUSTED START TIME OF 6:30am! Bring dumbbells, mat, gloves! Change your alarm NOW! […]
December 19, 2018

Genesis Pre-blast: B’day Party

It’s my b’day Q! Come join me for party games! Bring mat & gloves! DPK, 5:30 – be there!