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FiA is Females In Action | April 30, 2017

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Tacoma (WA)

St. Paddy’s Rainbow Tabata

March 18, 2017 |

In true Washington fashion, we trained in the rain.

Warm Up:

1 lap around pond. 50 jumping jacks, 50 squats, and 25 push ups



squat jump x2

lunge kick x2

running lap around pond


shuffle side to … Read More

Lucky 7s, Lucky Ladies

March 11, 2017 |

Warmup: Stretches 2 Laps around pond/garden

Workout: 7 stations 7 reps each 7 rounds or AMRAP in 45 mins

Stations: Agility Ladder – in in out out; Burpees; inchworms; declined push-ups; tricep dips with alternating kicks (L+R=1), Lunges (L+R=1), … Read More

Muscle up, buttercup

February 25, 2017 |

We finally had a sunny morning here in the PNW and we took full advantage!

Warmed up with jumping jacks and mountain climbers in Cadence.

The first Partner group ran around the park pagoda and garden, while 5 other partner … Read More

Sunrise Grit Run & Abs

February 12, 2017 | | One Comment

Warm up in front of statue as everyone showed up.

Buddy trail run (two or three to a group that stays together on the run)

First stop- playground area for 20 toes to bar on the swing set as a … Read More

Tacoma Agility Drills

February 4, 2017 |


Mai Tai came up with a great idea! Here it is…To kick off the Superbowl weekend, we took on agility drills, HIIT workouts and even tossed around some footballs this morning! 7:00am on the dot, FiA Tacoma made their … Read More

Spitfire Plyo

January 30, 2017 |

Warm Up

Suicide drills (aka running lines)

Plyometrics 60 seconds EACH and Rotate

TEAM 1 Squat Calf Raises Jumping Jacks Push Up Jacks Standing Ab Twist High knees Circular Bear Crawl

TEAM 2 Push ups Butt kickers Bicycle crunches Box … Read More

Flip harder than us

January 23, 2017 |

This morning our FIA Tacoma gals were “flippin’ awesome!

Warm up: 1 lap jog around the garden Circle push ups with planks, reversed twice

Workout: each PAX took their turn with 8 tire flips while 10 of us performed 10 … Read More


January 14, 2017 |

Everyone got a little anxious when I asked them to bring a backpack with some weight in it to this mornings workout, but everyone showed up ready to go at it, even our 2 FNG’s!

All exercises utilized the … Read More