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FiA is Females In Action | August 17, 2017

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backblasts (WA)

Chalk it Up!

August 13, 2017 |

Warm up:

run down to the water, 20 jumping jacks and 20 squats.  Run back up to the pagoda.

Part 1: 12 minute timed workout with 6 stations, 12 reps at each station.  after each station, run to the middle … Read More

Fun with Toys

June 4, 2017 |

Two teams, one person starting at each station and not moving to next station until each person in the team has finished their station.


Sled pull w/25# plate

20 Deadlift with heavy kettlebell

20 Chest press with 25# plate

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Squats, Squats, and more Squats

May 6, 2017 |

It was a bright, sunny and early morning in Washington today-a welcome change from the weeks of soggy workouts in the rain we’ve endured for months.

Warm up: 1/2 (ish) mile run


Round 1: 20 squats, 10 burpees, 18 … Read More

St. Paddy’s Rainbow Tabata

March 18, 2017 |

In true Washington fashion, we trained in the rain.

Warm Up:

1 lap around pond. 50 jumping jacks, 50 squats, and 25 push ups



squat jump x2

lunge kick x2

running lap around pond


shuffle side to … Read More

Lucky 7s, Lucky Ladies

March 11, 2017 |

Warmup: Stretches 2 Laps around pond/garden

Workout: 7 stations 7 reps each 7 rounds or AMRAP in 45 mins

Stations: Agility Ladder – in in out out; Burpees; inchworms; declined push-ups; tricep dips with alternating kicks (L+R=1), Lunges (L+R=1), … Read More

Muscle up, buttercup

February 25, 2017 |

We finally had a sunny morning here in the PNW and we took full advantage!

Warmed up with jumping jacks and mountain climbers in Cadence.

The first Partner group ran around the park pagoda and garden, while 5 other partner … Read More

Four corners workout

February 18, 2017 |

Divided participants up, we set a timer and did as meny rounds as possible in 10 minutes.

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February 18, 2017 |


Beautiful night for a workout, dry and warm for Seattle area.

Cones placed in zig zag formation.  Each cone had two exercises written on paper next to cones.  8 stations.

20 burpees, 15 dive bomber pushups

20 star jumps, … Read More