April 20, 2018

Thankful for the Track

12 PAX headed to the track to escape the blustery windy morning! Warm Up: Run to the track 10 windmills in cadence 10 toy soldiers in […]
April 18, 2018

Celebrating Boston Marathon week

6 Pax joined me at Melvin Park Warm Up: JJ Toy Soliders Arm Swings Touch thru legs Jog lap around splash pad lot Ex-A-Cise: We did […]
April 18, 2018

19Pax Vixen’s Den Lake Murray Wednesday BB

Warm Up: 10 in cadence:  Imperial Walkers, High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Thru the Tunnel, Butt Kickers Run short lap 2 min wall sit Ladder Sets: 5 […]
April 16, 2018

Getting Stronger Each Day

6 PAX  proved they are unstoppable by the wind and completed the following: Warm Up 10 count Ladder 10– lunges—can be plyo, backwards , forward or […]
April 15, 2018


13 pax started the week out on the right foot. The “magic number” was 5 reps for everything. Pax stayed on Rinse and Repeat till the […]
April 11, 2018

Only occasional running

Warm up: 30 jumping jacks, 20 arms swings 1 minute each of: Sumo Squats, Reverse Lunges (alternating legs), Burpees Running length of parking lot 1 minute each […]
April 11, 2018

Ryan Gosling Stalking the Four Corners

10 PAX at Melvin Park to end our first week in our Tour of Chapin. This Four Corners was borrowed from a FiA Lexington backblast and […]
April 10, 2018

Creek takes on Melvin Park

A nice change of pace for this rainy Monday morning! The Creek ladies took the workout to a new spot in Chapin. As you have heard […]
April 10, 2018

Dirty Dozen

Warm up – arm circles, toy soldiers, side lunges The Thing: went through list 3x 12 jumping jacks 12 jump squats 12 push-ups 12 inchworms 12 […]
April 4, 2018

Burn off the chocolate bunnies track workout

13 PAX  came out for a track bootcamp workout. Warm up Cherry pickers Skip Jog to track 10 push ups Arm circles 10 front and back […]
April 4, 2018

Spring Break FIA Style! Getting ready for the Beach!

Spring into a warm up: Arm Circles forward and back leg stretch forward, left and right back/hip rotation neck rotation Repeat the set below 3X Jumping […]
April 4, 2018

Spring Break in Chapin

Whoop!!  2 PAX knocked out some miles at the Vampire Slayer run before bootcamp.  8 PAX came together at The Creek for an AMRAP and some cardio. […]