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FiA is Females In Action | February 25, 2017

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Downtown Columbia (SC)

Stairway To Heaven

February 25, 2017 |

4 Pax joined me for a House Of Pain Stairway To Heaven beatdown

Warm up- jumping jacks,high knees,butt kickers,arm circles, toy soldiers

We partnered up and did our workout in 5 minute segments.

Round 1- Partner does push-ups while partner … Read More


February 24, 2017 |

Perfect weather for a Friday morning out! Wow 11 PAX what a great turnout:)  Warm Up: 15 jumping jacks, 15 squat/butt kickers 10 toy soldiers Push-Up 3 tier: 5 mins Bear Crawl push-ups: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 push up on … Read More

Jello Legs and Abs!

February 22, 2017 |

Although it was Weighted Wednesday which normally means a lot of arms, this workout killed my abs and legs!

Warm Up: 15 JJ in cadence 15 butt kickers IC 15 high knees IC Lots of arm circles

Round 1: 7 … Read More

Tuesday AMRAPs

February 21, 2017 |

I don’t usually Q at House of Pain (a 15-17 minute ride from my house makes for a very early wake-up time), but I was very happy to do it this morning. It is good to switch AOs once in … Read More

Everything’s Red on Valentines!

February 14, 2017 |

Well, mostly just the Q I stole this AMAZING workout from… the one… the only…

REDBIRD (so appropriate right?!?)

Conditions: High 40s and clear

Warm Up: Up and down the house, high knees, jacks, Imperial walkers, up and down the … Read More

Partner Monday

February 13, 2017 |

Today I was still feeling a little under the weather, so it was a Do as I say, not as I do type day 🙂

Warm Up: 15 JJ IC 15 Butt Kickers IC 15 High Knees IC Arm circles … Read More

FullMoon Friday

February 10, 2017 |

Great morning workout with a full moon shining and 7PAX

Warm Up: Jumping Jacks, rocker squat kicks, toy soldiers

Poker Card Game: resting position squats run there/back alternating lunges there/back skip there/back side shuffle there/back run backwards there/back RED: double … Read More

Burpee-licious Weighted Wednesday

February 8, 2017 |

Gooood Morning!

Welcome Back PARTY CITY!!!!! So good to have our girl back!!!

The Thang:

45 second exercise stack! 45 of Exercise 1, then 45 of Exercise 1 and 2, 45 of Exercise 1, 2, 3….

  1. Burpees
  2. Bicep Curls
  3. Read More