February 13, 2019

Don’t let the water in your ship!

We had 10 PAX come out on this nice, but windy morning! Decided to workout under the breezeway to get away from the wind, not sure […]
February 11, 2019

Pyramids on Fire 🔥

The temperature was great and in the low 40s. We warmed up quick: warmup 10 Forward arm circles, Ic 10  backward arm circles, ic 10  through […]
February 10, 2019

Friday combo

Our workout focused on arms, abs and legs combined with some cardio. Warmup stretches 15 reps Seal Claps, Overhead Claps, Windmills Cherry pickers down to the […]
February 8, 2019

40 Days and 40 Nights with Some Abs

It was another nice cool morning! Some people actually were able to wear shorts in February! We had one new FNG. She had to leave early, […]
February 6, 2019

Just a few more ple-A squats

So at to see so many faces back today with the warm weather.  We had a booty and leg focused workout and lots of laughs along […]
February 4, 2019

Pre-Groundhog Day Progress Circuit

6 ladies came out on a cold Friday morning for our monthly progress circuit. The thang:              Warm Up: 10 of […]
February 4, 2019

Super Bowl Flop

Super Bowl 53 Ab & Cardio workout We were supposed to do Ab reps equal Ram score and Cardio reps equal Patriot score but they were […]
January 30, 2019

Plus 3 degrees

10 pax met in the very cold temps. We traveled to stay warm. And it worked! We did bypass a few ice patches, but overall, we […]
January 25, 2019

Build-A-Burpee Dora

It was a chilly start to our Friday but these five fabulous ladies didn’t stay cold long thanks to our BFF Dora! I was dragging last […]
January 22, 2019

Countdown … with The Tomb … evening edition!

So happy to have some new friends from The Tomb join me at The Corner tonight! Please come back any time, you’re always welcome!! Warmup 30 […]
January 21, 2019

Cardio Blast

So 5 of us showed up in 26 degree weather for our workout. I had a lot of yoga stretches for warm-up but it was too […]
January 21, 2019

3 stations to end the week

Our workout focused on arms, legs and abs at 3 different stations. Warmup stretches Station # 1 (Weights) Round #1         20 Bicep Curl 20 Raggedy […]