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FiA is Females In Action | January 17, 2017

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Winston Salem (NC)

Happy Friday the 13th!

January 15, 2017 |

So glad to have some ladies join me on Friday at Leinbach Park. The little bit of rain eventually stopped and I think some sun even started to peak out!

See everyone next time!

Bad A$$


The Thang:

We … Read More

Rally ladder 1/14/2017

January 14, 2017 |

Cool cloudy morning, but we got warmed up quickly!

1 minute each: overhead press jacks, jog in place with arm circles, standing mountain climbers, jump rope

200m jog

200 m fast feet stepping forwards and backwards over the lane lines … Read More

Pounding the Parking Lot with my People

January 12, 2017 |

The kids are going back to school, temps were above freezing, and there was no ice on the ground – you could almost hear the angels singing!! Given that my kids being out of school has almost sucked all the … Read More

Yogi does Yoga

December 22, 2016 |

‘Twas the Thursday before Christmas, on the track at Hanes Park, 9 pax converged, to run in the dark. 

They ran 4 miles of Fartleks as fast as the wind, with hopes of yoga stretches at the end

They tried … Read More

FiA Christmas Trees – Backblast

December 21, 2016 |

It was a cold night on a rough week be 2 friends joined me for our 8pm workout at Hanes Park. Thanks Closer & Stacks!

WARM UP Jumping Jacks – 20 IST – 20 Windmills – 15 Run … Read More

The 12 Days of Fitness

December 17, 2016 |

We had a chilly morning but 10 of us did our best to stay moving and warm. We started out with a little jog up to the “Tunnel of Love.” The first half of our workout consisted of “The 12 … Read More

Gliding through the Grid

December 15, 2016 |

A great group of ladies joined me in the cold to explore the West End FIA-style. The Christmas lights and beautiful homes were a bonus and a great distraction! We started with a warm up run of about a mile … Read More

Total Body Torcher!

November 19, 2016 |

5 of us gathered at Hanes Park for a total body workout with some weights. Socket taught us that if you had weights from the 90’s bought in NJ, they will weigh the same in NC in 2016 – something … Read More

Downtown Sprints | Backblast

November 17, 2016 |

It was a great morning to hit the streets of downtown before the city really woke up. Thanks for joining me ladies!

WARMUP Jumping Jacks – 15 IC Imperial Storm Troopers – 15 IC High Knees (across parking lot) Butt … Read More

Halloween Hill Hoppin’

October 27, 2016 |

Eight of us braved the spooky gloom of 5:15 AM and revisited some favorite hills. Here’s how it went down:


Jogged to the track, ran a 400, then jogged up to the Picnic Tables at the base of the … Read More

Night Owl Backblast

October 6, 2016 |

In the middle of moving week for me, I needed a break from all things house related!

Here’s how it all went down: WARM UP Jumping Jacks – 20 IC Imperial Storm Troopers – 20 IC Mountain Climbers – 20 … Read More

Intense Intervals and the Infamous Intimidator

October 6, 2016 |

After 2 weeks away from the track, I thought we would venture back and enjoy the new soft surface and the newly painted lanes. We started with 4 laps Indian run and then moved onto a 14 minute, constantly moving, … Read More

BLIMPS at the Baptist

September 29, 2016 |

The cooler weather felt great this morning, especially from the top of the Baptist Hospital parking deck!

Five fierce ladies met at 5:15 and headed around Hanes Park for a warm-up. Instead of completing a loop, we stayed on … Read More

It’s (almost) My Birthday & We’ll Do Math If I Want To

September 23, 2016 |

Four ladies humored me as we completed a perfect-square inspired running workout. We got a brain workout as well as cardiovascular exercise to start the day.

Warm-up: ran a 900 (30 squared) around the track. Then circled up and did … Read More

Harbison 50k Pre-Blast

September 12, 2016 |

Do you like to run? Have you ever thought about completing a trail ultra-marathon? Here is your chance to race one of the southeast’s most popular early season 50K races! Time to take those miles off the streets and into … Read More

Missing our BRR gals

September 10, 2016 |

We were few but mighty this morning!  We were joined by many 2.0s with all the dads running.  Here’s how it went down:

Warm up:

20 JJ IC, 20 arm circles small/big/front/back, 20 windmills, 20 high knees

Dora 1,2,3

We … Read More

One last hill workout before BRR

September 2, 2016 |

We got in one last hill workout on Thursday morning–Thanks Broad Street!!  Here’s the breakdown:

Warm Up:  jog over to bottom of Broad Street and once there, perform 20 of each of the following:  storm ship troopers, arm circle (forwards/backwards), … Read More

Hill Training

August 11, 2016 |

In honor of the ladies doing the BRR and in celebration of us NOT, we did a hill training session early this morning to acknowledge it’s ONE month before the big relay run.

The Thang:

Conversational pace around Hanes Park … Read More

Oh Say Can You See…Hills?

July 29, 2016 |

Well, Buena Vista hill did not disappoint–thanks to the 6 ladies who tackled it with me yesterday!  Here’s the breakdown of what we did:

Warm Up:  easy jog from parking lot to base of Buena Vista Rd.  Once there, 20 storm … Read More

Night Owl – Heat & Humidity | BB

July 13, 2016 |

I think more than anything, the heat and humidity had the strongest presence last night, but nonetheless 6 FiAs joined me to workout. Here’s how it went down.

WARM UP 20 Jumping Jacks IC 20 Windmills IC 20 Bend-n-Snaps IC 20 … Read More