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FiA is Females In Action | August 17, 2017

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Spruce Pine (NC)

BaCk to tHe BaSiCs!!

August 5, 2017 |

Warm up: high knees, squat kicks (side/front), breakdance kick throughs, jog to the hill

The thang: 10 hill sprints (Modification walk or jog the flat)

75 dips 100 pushups 100 squats 50 Burpees 300 flutter kicks

Abs: Med. Ball side … Read More

Setting the “Barre”

July 30, 2017 |

We got our ballerina on Saturday morning at the Thicket! We had 12 amazing women come out!

We ask all of our FIA sisters to pray for FreeBird’s husband as he travels to the Philippines  this Tuesday to do mission … Read More

Minute to Win it!

July 28, 2017 |

Warm up: high knees Squat jumps Squat kicks (front & side) Squat circle (static push for 1 min)

Minute to win it! **After each minute workout, sprint approximately 25yds and back to your mat ready for the next minute to … Read More

Circuit-Go-Round….and Around!

July 10, 2017 |

21 PAX, including 2 FNG’s, joined together at The Thicket to muscle through the rotating circuit!  Here’s what went down:

WU- Magnolia stepped up to lead a fun game of toilet tag to get everyone moving and grooving!

The Thang:

Read More

FiA Spruce Pine celebrates Independence Day ‘Stars and Stripes’ style!

July 5, 2017 |

14 brave women converged to celebrate our nation’s independence with a little Stars and Stripes workout!  Here’s what went down at The Thicket!

WU- Tribute to 7/4/2017:

7 windmills (IC)

4 star jumps

20 firework lunges (lunge back, knee up, … Read More

Ab Attack…. with some JT ;)

July 5, 2017 |

We had an awesome ab blast workout at the Thicket!


Warm Up 

40 High Knees

30 Second Squat Pulse

30 Second Forward Arm circles

30 Second Backward Arm circles

1:00 Jog in Place

1 lap around Baseball field premieter … Read More

#GoDisney4Rapunzel Spruce Pine

June 26, 2017 |

11 Pax came together to #GoDisney4Rapunzel.  We wore Disney inspired gear or cut off shirts in honor/memory of the family.  We began the workout with a time of prayer and uplifting for Rapunzel and her family led by Frenchy. Our … Read More

100, 90, 80…. & 100 burpees!

June 20, 2017 |

So full disclaimer….I kinda hated myself in the midst of this workout for making us do this!!  9 Pax including 2 FNG’s showed up for a descending rep workout snuggled between lots of burpees….100 burpees to be exact!  Here’s what … Read More