January 22, 2019

Gettin’ Schweddy

I got a medicine ball for Christmas so I thought we’d try it out.  But then I got worried that 8 pounds wasn’t heavy enough so […]
January 8, 2019

New gloves, who dis

Yours truly got some new workout gloves for Christmas and today was the day to try them out.  [Spoiler alert:  I love them] Warm up, grab […]
December 26, 2018

PB Raleigh: **DELAYED START 06:30** Java Jog 12/27

Tomorrow’s Java Jog will start an hour later than usual.  We’ll meet at the North Hills Panera Bread on Six Forks at 6:30 am. I got […]
December 18, 2018

I’m so cold, Jack

Warm up-jog the lower field and up around to the bus loop. The Thang-11s across the bus loop.  Tuck jumps and Pushups. Jog over to Plantar’s […]
December 10, 2018

Raleigh Canceled Tues 12/11

Due to the subfreezing temperatures expected tonight the risk of ice is high at 06:00….sleep in tomorrow and come out for Java Jog on Thursday, Gun […]
December 4, 2018

No Glove No Love

Warm Up: Jog around the school to Planter’s Row.  Windmill, Runner’s Stretch, Chain Breakers. The Thang: Ladder reps, ascending.  Starting with 2, then 4, 6, 8, […]
November 21, 2018

Raleigh Thanksgiving PB- SPECIAL TIME 06:30!!!

Since it is Thanksgiving, we thought we would let everyone sleep in one hour and start tomorrow at 6:30.A slight modification to the usual Java Jog, […]
November 6, 2018

doug nuts

Last week we had some requests for another “Fia: The Musical”.  So here we are. Warm Up-Jumping Jacks, Windmills, Trunk Twists, various other stretches while the […]
October 23, 2018

BB Terminal Unmentionables

A little lexicon influence for today’s Q…looking for some mild cardio to keep us warm for the sharp drop in temperature. Mosey over to the top […]
October 16, 2018


Warm Up:  jog to the stairs > windmills > stretch of your choice (mine was hamstrings and quads). Tha Thang: Round 1:  8 incline pushups, 8 […]
October 9, 2018

Planter Nation

Warm Up:  jumping jacks, windmills, runner’s lunge, chain breakers, shoulder stretches. The Thang:  Jog around to the side of the school with all the planters.  I […]
October 1, 2018

TRIPLE DOWN 2018 Preblast

That’s right, it’s that time of year! Time for the FiA/F3 Triple Down! What This is our annual convergence with F3 where we celebrate FiA Raleigh’s […]