March 22, 2018

Weighted Tabatas

Four PAX joined me on this chilly morning for some weighted tabatas! Warm Up Tabatas – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off – 8 rounds, alternating […]
March 10, 2018

take up your mat and follow me

(The title comes from when Jesus heals someone and then says, “Take up your mat and follow me.” It’s what I told the gals after our […]
March 6, 2018


5 frosty PAX for Crush’s VQ!!! …and she included BURPEES in the WARM-UP!  Wow. Just wow. Warm-up 1 Burpee 15 Jumping Jacks 2 Burpees 15 High […]
March 4, 2018

Keep Beaker On Her Toes

11 PAX gathered at #thelaunchpad for Saturday fun on a blistery, yet sunny day. The heart of this workout is partner work; the last time I […]
February 24, 2018

Mini Bands and the FiA Lexicon

Fifteen ladies joined me this morning for the last Saturday of our post challenge, as well as Q school. Warm Up – Modified Jack, Toy Soldiers, […]
February 23, 2018

Full Body Pyramid

Full Body Pyramid Warm up: Arm Circles 10 Jumping Jacks in cadence 10 Toy soldiers 10 Squats in cadence 10 cherry pickers Pyramid: 10 burpees 20 […]
February 23, 2018

Terrific Tabata Workout…… is ONLY 20 seconds!!!

15 PAX for a great Tabata start to our Saturday Warmed up with arm circles, cotton pickers and toy soldiers in cadence. 20:10 Tabata Do each […]
February 6, 2018

That Time I Brought #AllTheThings

A post challenge sure works to bring the PAX out! Seven lovely ladies joined me this morning for a circuit with all kinds of equipment. Pretty […]
January 11, 2018

Lazy Bones Ain’t That

  Sketch reporting for Lazy Bones this week. Lazy Bones is one of our most dedicated new recruits, often attending back to back workouts on Wednesday […]
January 1, 2018

Partner Work!

11 PAX met up on a cold Saturday morning to try and end 2017 right. We started with warm-ups at #TheLaunchPad. 10 Arm Circles 10 Cherry […]
December 28, 2017

Pyramids of Everlasting Joy and Happiness!

  We enjoyed our last workout under the twinkling Christmas lights of the Village of Pinehurst with Pyramids of Everlasting Joy and Happiness. Here’s how it […]
December 19, 2017

Jumpin’ like a Reindeer?

For warmup, we Jogged in place/high knees while Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer played, doing a jump squat each time the song said “reindeer”, a burpee […]