Charlotte – Highland Creek

May 23, 2018

Curb appeal

Interesting start to the AM sweat-fest today… There was almost immediate sweating as soon as I walked out the door (oye). Got in the car and […]
May 22, 2018

Pick your poison

3 lovely ladies joined me this morning for a  pick  your poison work out. We moved over to the Middle school and used the cement benches […]
May 18, 2018

FUN FUN Friday

Five awesome ladies joined me and rejoiced that the weather held off and it was 100% DRY! We warmed up while we chatted a bit: Jacks, […]
May 18, 2018

Pinky size Ring of Fire

We were small in number but enjoyed our convo while getting in a good and dry workout. What is up with this weather…..ahh, spring, you think […]
May 14, 2018

45 and ladder

Cardio round 1 (x5 ea,x4, x3, x2,x1) Squat knee tuck Lunge hop right Lunge hop left Side jump half burpees Cardio round 2 (x5 countdown) V […]
May 10, 2018

Getting it done in the Dungeon

I admit, I like working out in the dungeon, its kinda cozy! Started off with a warm up of a Fortnite dane move my saon taught […]
May 7, 2018

Hey, Burpees ARE Fun!!

Four awesome ladies joined me to kick off Monday right. I promised some FUN and there seemed to be a bit of disagreement about whether I […]
May 2, 2018

Hump Day Hodge Podge

5 fab FiAs joined me today to hodgepodge it up on Hump Day! Little of this, little of that, lots of chatter and fellow-shipping. Great start […]
April 30, 2018

Booty Booty Booty

It was colder than expected this morning, but still had 3 awesome ladies join me.  Thanks for coming out! Warm Up : Arm Circles, Torso Twists, […]
April 29, 2018

Low show Monday

It was just me and Diver, and Diver has to leave early.  We only made it thru the first 2 cycles.  Since it wasn’t raining, we […]
April 27, 2018

Tag Team and 11s

6 lovely ladies joined me this morning – after we felt safe from the crazy animal noise in the woods. Warm-up: Jacks, Butt Kickers, Storm Troopers […]
April 25, 2018

Impromptu Group Q

Poor Nola came down with a stomach bug this morning so Robot, Die Hard, Tech & Comet put our heads together and came up with a […]