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FiA is Females In Action | August 20, 2017

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cape fear

Sweating to the 80’s

August 20, 2017 |

15 PAX came out to Surface Zero to get their sweat on, which didn’t take long in the sweet southern summer humidity.

Mosey to a nice shaded area with a hint of breeze.

Warm Up: 25 Hillbillies IC, Elevens with the … Read More

Head to Tone

August 17, 2017 |

while everyone slept in their air conditioned houses 2 pax met #Southside in the 100% humidity.

warm up stretches


sprint 1:00 minute rest 15 seconds

squat 1:00 minute rest 15 seconds

seal jack 1:00 minute rest 15 seconds

reverse … Read More

Portside Launches with Dora

August 15, 2017 |

7 PAX met on a dark and humid morning (did I mention it was humid?!) to launch our new AO, Portside.


  • Jumping Jacks 25 ic
  • Side Lunges 10 ic

The Thang:

Dora’s at the BLEACHERS! Most exercises … Read More

Dora, Dora, Dora at #Southside

August 14, 2017 |

Only 3 started at the flagpole, but by the time we hit the field there were 8 PAX strong!  Yay, southside!

We circled up for warm-ups: Jumping Jacks, 4 count (25), Imperial Walkers (25), Hillbillies (25)

The Thang: DORAS!  4 … Read More

Running from the Storm…

August 13, 2017 |

19 pax came out to WB park for a beat down mosey… none of us girls would like let the rain and dark clouds scare us!!


Arm Circles Forward x10, then Backward x10

Jumping toe taps x30

The … Read More

Dora in the Dark

August 11, 2017 |

Warm up: 20 toe touches IC; 25 jumping jacks IC

A little mosey over to “the Quad”


1. 100 decline push-ups; 200 flutter kicks; 300 moroccan nightclubs — hold wall sit until everyone finishes

*wall sit all toghether – … Read More

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun (yeah, you know the tune)

August 7, 2017 |

7 PAX met up at the Glades on a very humid morning. With water dripping off of us, we participated in a “Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun” station loop. Meaning we ran to each bench or area/station along the … Read More

The 100 Ladder Wins

August 6, 2017 |

19 PAX with 3 FNG’s (Welcome Po, Setter, and Nice!) hit the field to climb down a very, very long Ladder.  We started at 100 and worked our way down in increments of 10. In between each set, we ran … Read More