Post-Easter Fun
April 4, 2018
April 4, 2018

Cardio is for the Rabbits

  • When: 03/31/2018
  • Q: Slinky and Grizzly
  • Pax: Pep Rally, Slinky, Grizzly

After being confirmed by multiple sources, apparently I volunteered to Q on Sat while site Q SweatShop was off on a 12 hour Go Ruck Tough event (still amazed how she stayed awake for this overnight adventure). Slinky was gracious enough to split the Q with me. Not sure if that was a great idea, she planned a beat down.

Warm Up-

Mosey over to the rock pile, get a medium rock- 10-15 lb range, and bring it over to the one sunny spot near the big school wall

20 JJs IC

Arm circles

Good mornings


The Thang-

We left an Easter basket full of eggs at the end of the parking lot near the rock pile, one pax runs down to the basket, selects an egg with a workout inside, while the rest of the pax do exercises such as plank, push ups, reverse planks, crunches, and wall sits.


Inside the eggs were our workouts with the rocks-

  • Rocky Balboas on curb- 45 sec
  • 15 lunges per leg
  • 20 Overhead press alternating shoulders
  • 20 Plie squats
  • Run lap around parking lot with rock
  • 20 Squat to overhead press
  • 15 Wood choppers each side
  • 20 Figure 8s (that was ambitious, 15 was a more reasonable number)
  • 30 Curls
  • 20 Partner passes
  • Pax choice- Russian Twists
  • 10 Broad jump burpees (modification recommended by Slinky, somebody was being extra)


Slinky’s turn-

Heels on curb, 10 squats, 10 pulsing squats, 10 squat hold moving knees together x3! No break.

10 triceps extensions, 10 pulsing triceps extensions, 10 triceps extensions- Slinky encouraged us to keep our elbows near our head, this confirms my form is poor since it made this 10x harder!

15 chest taps + push ups with wide feet

On the sidewalk, half burpee (pop out legs, pop back in, no pushup) then foot and hand closet to curb both touch the road x20 repeato on other side

Lap with rock

Wall sits passing rock, both legs, then left leg, then right leg

10 v ups, 10 toe touches with shoulders off ground

Plank, each pax 10 count, rocking plank, each pax 10 count, back to plank, each pax 10 count

One arm hip dip plank, each pax 10 count, switch to next arm


I am not sure how we had time to do all of that…first workout in a while where I was watching my watch hoping it would be over. We all decided we need to add more cardio to our workouts, so to be continued!!!

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