Can’t feel my legs…or fingers…or face

Me and You and You and Me
January 3, 2018
BB: Jukebox Hero – cold mornings, warm hearts
January 4, 2018

Can’t feel my legs…or fingers…or face

  • When: 01/03/2018
  • Q: One More
  • Pax: Patagonia, Sandbox, Regroup, Pixel, Felix, Double Knot, Tony, Brony


9 PAX hit up the first Legacy workout of the year. Lt. Dans smoked our legs and the 24-degree temps numbed the rest.

Indian run with overhead sugar sack pass – from circle to round-about and back.
Jog down to {frozen} pond.

TT: Dora
Run up & back down stairs
50 burpees
100 push-ups
200 Spider-Man
300 Bulgarian ball busters

Lt. Dan up road back to circle

Circle of pain:

One More’s mom’s knee replacement
Regroup’s onboarding of her two new team members
Sandbox’s hubby’s job search
Pixel’s cousin meningitis

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