Country Zoo
April 13, 2018
Rain Dance – Pre-Blast
April 13, 2018

Can you count backwards?

  • When: 04/13/2018
  • Q: Locavore
  • Pax: Belle

The weather was perfect for a workout today! It was just me and Belle- everyone else missed out 😀


We warmed up with a jog around the carpool lane.


Lower half sequence:

100 squats

90 walking lunges

80 mountain climbers

70 sumo squats

60 calf raises

50 glute bridges

40 curtsy lunges

30 step ups

20 Squat jumps

10 burpees

Upper half sequence:

50 crunches

40 push Ups (20 regular, 10 tricep, 10 diamond)

30 sideplank pikes

20 dips

10 v ups

Pull up practice- we both had upward movement!! The practice is paying off!

monkey bars for fun

another jog around the carpool line

a few minutes of stretching


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