Calling ALL PAX – ALL Regions

Diva Run Backblast 7/25
July 27, 2017
Juke Box Hero – debut of my new whistle!
July 27, 2017

Calling ALL PAX – ALL Regions

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  • Q: Popeye
  • Pax: You ALL could be there

FiA Nation Expansion Team needs you.

Do you remember when you came to your #firstFiA workout?  

You were scared and excited.

Maybe you broke a sweat.

Maybe you encouraged someone or were encouraged by someone.

You got a name and became one of the PAX.

Maybe you connect with someone and promised to come back.

And you did.

And you do.

So now what?  

          We need you.  

         We need that fire that got you to the first workout and gets you up each day.  

         We need your encouragement and your enthusiasm for something that is so  much  more                 than a workout.   

          We need you to share why you come back each day.  

          We need you to share why the group means so much to you and how it has changed you.

We came to your region at one point in time and launched this amazing group of women that changed your life, kept you accountable and keeps you coming back.

Now it’s your turn.  

We need support for the amazing interest that we have had in FiA Expansion into new regions and we can’t do it without YOU.  We have the process just like we launched your region.  We have the experience just like we trained you to Q within your own region, but we need YOU because we can’t be everywhere. And people want FiA everywhere.  

Without someone like YOU there wouldn’t be a FiA in your region.  

                   Now take a moment to think of your life without FiA.

                                       Now tell me why we should deny this to other regions.

But, we can’t do this without YOU.  There’s no someone else who steps in when you don’t.  

There is only YOU.

Email to see how you can help.


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