Thelma canceled!
January 17, 2018
Batcave Preblast
January 18, 2018


  • When: 01/17/2018
  • Q: Wings
  • Pax: We had 18 PAX including 1 FNG today!! (Swank, Jack, Nip Tuck, Crunch, Taz, Sunrise, Double Shot, Holt Toledo, Potts, Lucky, Nurse Ratchet, Chick-fil-a, Amigo, Tree Hugger, Worthy, Dewey and our FNG Double Mint!)

Thanks so much for coming out in what I hope is the last cold workout! That being said, we always end up shedding a layer or two! Nothing a few burpees can’t fix! 😊

Today we did the following:
2 sets of burpees with weights, squats with bicep curls, and squat holds with a forward press and tricep press.

We did some cardio with alternating fast feet, double fast feet, pogo jumps, jumping jacks and more alternating fast feet.

Another 2 sets were done with skaters, squat holds while jumping in and out, bicycles and crunches.

Next cardio was done with a shuffle side to side with a jump, butt kickers, jump front and back, jump side to side and cross over jumping jacks.

The last double set was done with side lunges with bicep curls, lunge with hammer curl, and Russian twist with weight.

We repeated the fast feet cardio 😬

Before our last series we did my favorite donkey kicks and Jack’s arm!

We completed the workout with a plank series. While holding a plank we did forward reaches, hand touches, elbow touches, shoulder touches, hip touches, knee touches, toe touches and then finishing with a plank hold for 30 seconds.

Again thanks for coming!!

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