The Breakfast Club and a Hangover Remedy
August 12, 2017
Make it rain!
August 12, 2017

C for Core

  • When: 08/12/2017
  • Q: Chili
  • Pax: Patagonia, Olivia FNG "Marie Curie," Greta FNG "All star," Anna FNG "Metal bird," Kathy FNG "Wonder Woman"

Jumping Jacks- 25
Plank Jacks- 25
Burpees- 5
Jog a lap around the field

Plank pushups with side rotation- 20
15 side plank hip lifts (L)
30 crunches
15 side plank hip lifts (R)
30 leg lifts

Bear crawl length of Volleyball court
Crabwalk sides of volleyball court

Fire Hydrants- 50 (R), 50 (L) FEEL THE BURN
Donkey Kicks- 50 (R), 50 (L)

15 situps


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