July 11, 2018
Louise PB
July 11, 2018

Burpee HIIT Tabata

  • When: 07/11/2018
  • Q: Burpee
  • Pax: Burpee, Smiley, Chip, Bliss, Flyer, Papaya

6 pax and 1 furry 2.0 joined forces Down Under to sweat out our humpday stresses. While the temps were slightly cooler, there was no break in humidity and it didn’t take us long to start to sweat.  Check out how we do hard things:

Warm Up:

Jog, jumping jacks, arm swings, side bends with reach, flat back toe touch (my call out)


The Thang: (6 rounds) (finish with round of repeated abs back to back)

(30 sec burpee / 30 sec power / 30 sec burpee / 30 sec power/ 30 sec burpee / 30 sec power

Ab Exercise


Round 1:              Half Burpee / Air Squats

Abs:                      10 knee to elbow in plank


Round 2:              Lateral Jump Burpee / Flamingos

Abs:                       10 plie side bends


Round 3:              Curb Jump Burpees / Squat Pulses

Abs:                       10 side plank knee to elbow (10 each side)


Round 4:              Superman Burpee / Single Leg Squat

Abs:                       10 Inchworms


Round 5:              Spin Burpee / Monkey Humpers

Abs:                       10 cross mountain climbers


Round 6:              Switch Lung Burpee / Lunge Pulses

Abs:                       10 kick throughs


*Finish with round of ab exercises without break*

Cool down stretch


Devotion:  Reading from Perry Nobles (former New Spring Church leader) facebook post about his termination from the church 2 years due to alcoholism.  He testifies that our God is a God of 2nd chances and that even with his failings, he believes his calling is still in ministry.  There are so many takeaways from Perry’s fall and even more to learn from his rebuilding.  Our current place is not our permanent place.  God has a plan for us and if we choose to have faith and follow him, we will never run out of those 2nd chances.

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