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February 9, 2018
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February 10, 2018

Burn Baby Burn

  • When: 02/08/2018
  • Q: Shaun T
  • Pax: Bagheera, Noodle (FNG Caroline), Mary Lou, PiHeel, Teatree (respect), ShaunT

We started the morning off with a warm up doing laps around around the parking lot: running, side shuffles, butt kickers, criss cross, high knees, lunge walk with a kick. Then we circled up: wide squat with elbows to push knees open, back thigh stretch, down dog to plank, plank lunge.

Noodle came for the first time and killed the workout! I’m so proud of everyone for pushing SO hard and not giving up – even with sweat dripping from their eyes and muscles shaking!!


It was Mary Lou’s birthday this week, so we celebrated! We did a workout to The Penguin Song – Happy Birthday. We jogged in place and every time the word “birthday” was sung, we did a birthday burpee! Happy birthday Mary Lou!!

How it went down:

We did exercises from one end of the parking lot to the other. We alternated between arms and legs sets with card at the end of each set for 1 min. There were 5 rounds total and we didn’t stop until the end! (Credit given to Axfit!)

Set 1 – Legs: Lunge walks, Lunge hold, pulses, jumps, lunge knee up jumps, high knees for 1 min. Repeated the other side and finished with 1 min of high knees.

Set 2 – Arms: 4 count down and up push ups, low push up hold, burpees with a jump, plank hold with a leg in the air, push ups with one leg, switched legs in the air with a plank hold, push ups with one leg, finished with plank jacks

Set 3 – Legs: broad jumps, squat hold, pulse, jumps, low jacks

Set 4 – Arms: fast feet drill with push up, low push up hold, wide push ups, plank tuck jumps

Set 5 – Legs: Walking lunges, repeater knees with jump, lunge hold, repeater knee with a jump with other leg, lunge hold, low side shuffle, basket ball jumps

Finisher – Bands Partner Drills – 1 min each

  • Squat hold/high knees
    • Partner 1 (P1) – low squat hold, elbows back holding onto handles,
    • P2 – band around waist doing high knees
    • Switch!
  • Squat hold/high knee backwards
    • P1 – low squat hold again
    • P2 – band around back – facing P1 – high knees
  • Low squat hold/plank rows
    • P1 – low squat hold – holding band in the middle
    • P2 – low plank holding onto handles, row. For added burn, bring knee to elbow as you row


Psalm 139:13-16 – God knit us together in our mother’s womb when no one else even knew about us! We are fearfully and wonderfully made and God knows each of our days. We are so loved by God that He provided redemption through grace by sending His son as ransom for us!!!




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