Foxtrot PB: Come to Run, Walk or Ruck
August 12, 2017
Firefly’s Fire-it-up!
August 12, 2017

‘Bout to DIE!!!

  • When: 08/12/2017
  • Q: Southpaw
  • Pax: Punky, Squatter, Saddle Up, Beaker, Dynomite, Otter, Care Bear (RESPECT), Caliente, Safari, Hobbit, Soprano, Pirouette, Volunteer

Greenville, NC….humid as all get out.  ALL the time.  But…we must become better together…here we gooooooooooo….


Warm up:


20 squats

20 butt kicks

20 high knees

20 seal jacks

3 burpees

arm circles forward/backward


Tha Thang:


Run 200 M

25 burpees

Run 200 M

50 KB/db swings

Run 200 M

75 weighted walking lunges

Run 200 M

50 KB/db swings

Run 200 M

25 burpees



EMOM x 10 min:

5 jump squats with KB

10 KB swings

15 high pulls

(I actually thought this many reps of these particular movements, combined, wouldn’t allow us much rest time before the next minute so…..I decreased the high pull reps to 5)



Yoga by Volunteer 🙂





I am SO proud of you girls today; heck, I super proud of myself!!!  Now THAT was hard!!

Until next Saturday…



with Fia love and hugs,




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