Sweaty Saturday
August 12, 2018
We Fancy – Monday Morning Pre-Blast 8/13
August 12, 2018

Bootcamp and Bands Burnout

  • When: 08/11/2018
  • Q: Silver Glove; Leymus
  • Pax: Watson, DIY, Caliente, NYC, Echo, Holla, Contessa, Ace, and Splits


Warm Up: Imperial Walkers, Jumping Jacks, Seal Jacks, Side Lunge Pulse, Runners Lunge Pulse   X10 in Cadence, Arm Circles


1:  Weighted Firehose Pull X 2  (This was the timer)

2:  Jump rope

3:  Weighted (45, 35, 25lbs) Sumo Squat

4:  Speed Punches (1-2s in boxer stance)

5:  Traveling Plank b/w two cones

6:  Jump rope

7:  Deadlift with Weighted Ruck Sack

8:  Speed Punches

9:  Weighted Uppercuts

10: Jump Rope


Abs and Glutes with Band X10

Donkey Kicks, Clams, Plank Alternating Leg Lifts, Bidges

Big Crunch, Peter Parkers , Russian Twists, Vset kickouts

Push Ups to Florida Georgia Line’s Song, ‘Up Down’

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