And so launches FiA Knoxville…with a little Thunder & Lightning!
June 26, 2018
Wednesday Workouts are fun!!
June 27, 2018

Blessed are the storms…

  • When: 06/25/2018
  • Q: GI Jane
  • Pax: Techie, Mona Lisa, Passport, Jewels, Slice, Soto, Tutu, Trailblazer, Geronimo, Diego, The Editor

We call this Q Thunder & Lightning. It was “gifted” to us at our launch by Thunderstruck from Spruce Pine and in never fails to deliver a solid butt kicking. 12 PAX came out in the actual stormy weather for a solid workout and a rare COT from YHC with a message about who is worthy to receive the blessings of Christ.




100 – Sumo Squats
 – 10 burpees-
90 – Mountain Climbers
 – 10 burpees-
80 – Curtsey lunges
 – 10 burpees-
70 – Flutter kicks
 – 10 burpees-
60 – Tricep dips
 – 10 burpees-
50 – Rosalita
 – 10 burpees-
40 – Bicep curls
 – 10 burpees-
30 – sit ups
 – 10 burpees-
20 – Step Ups
 – 10 burpees-
10  – Pushups
 – 10 burpees-


This morning YHC stepped outside of my normal comfort zone. Though I solidly identify as a Christian woman, I rarely pray at FiA COTs when I lead and I am often not one to speak about religious matters. There are a myriad of reasons for this but, for me, the largest one is discomfort and privacy mixed with a lot of soul searching. Deep down I feel uncomfortable telling someone else about my views on God because I feel it is a deeply personal relationship. To add to this, I have struggled most of my adult life to understand and reconcile my understanding of God, and my experiences with the Church and some of the people who claim to be followers of Christ. I am hardly one to lead others to still water. Recently, I found a short video by a Pastor that spoke to me. I have listened to it for days. Though short and sweet, the prayer has moved me deeply. I shared it with my PAX, they listened with support and respect because these women get it. These women, my FiA sisters, are a blessing.  I fear that I’ll only cheapen the experience and understanding by babbling on more about it but I share it here in it’s entirety in hopes that it touches someone else.


By: NADIA BOLZ-WEBER: Blessed are the agnostics. Blessed are they who doubt, those who aren’t sure, those who can still be surprised. Blessed are those who have nothing to offer. Blessed are they for whom death is not an abstraction. Blessed are they who have buried their loved ones for whom tears could fill an ocean.

Blessed are they who have loved enough to know what loss feels like. Blessed are they who don’t have the luxury of taking things for granted anymore. Blessed are they who can’t fall apart because they have to keep it together for everyone else. Blessed are those who still aren’t over it yet. Blessed are those who mourn.

Blessed are those who no one else notices, the kids who sit alone at middle school lunch tables, the laundry guys at the hospital, the sex workers, and the night shift street sweepers. Blessed are the forgotten. Blessed are the closeted. Blessed are the unemployed, the unimpressive, the under-represented.

Blessed of the wrongly accused, the ones who never catch a break, the ones for whom life is hard for Jesus chose to surround himself with people like them. Blessed are those without documentation. Blessed are the ones without lobbyists. Blessed are those who make terrible business decisions for the sake of people. Blessed are the burned out social workers and the overworked teachers and the pro-bono case takers.

Blessed are the kindhearted NFL players and the fundraising trophy wives. And blessed are the kids who step between the bullies and the weak. Blessed is everyone who has ever forgiven me when I didn’t deserve it. Blessed are the merciful for they totally get it. You are of heaven and Jesus blesses you.

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