Tabatas and Rainbows
April 26, 2018
Welcome Abenteuer!!
April 26, 2018

Beautiful spot for sweating in honor of Earth Day

A favorite spot for picnics and raggedy annes.

  • When: 04/22/2018
  • Q: Zookeeper
  • Pax: Closer, Dane, Honeydew, Tritangle, Turquoise, Socket, Chutney

To celebrate Earth Day we worked out all around one of my favorite spots of earth in Winston Salem- the grounds of the Reynolda House.

We started in the lower lot of Reynolda village for our warm up: x10 windmills IC, x10 toy soldiers IC and x10 jacks IC

We ran to the boathouse at the wetland area which used to be Lake Katherine for a set of 11s- tricep dips + jump squats

Next we followed the trail to the pump house for a ring of fire- hold plank while each PAX does 6 push ups, hold V sit while each PAX does 6 full sit ups.

Off to the Tiny Square courtyard for 1 minute of each: burpee candlestick rolls, squats, push up+plank side rotations.

Keep following the trail to a little loop and stairs- we did walking lunges around the loop and then 100 shoulder presses.

We veered right up the trail to the grassy meadow in front of Reynolda House where we did some tabata: 20 sec on, 10 sec rest x 8, switching back and forth between 2 exercises (so 4 sets of each exercise): Set 1) puddle jump ups (aka basketball jump shots side to side) and crab kick ups, set 2) bicycle abs & mountain climbers

We ran up the drive of Reynolda House Museum to my kids favorite secret climbing spot when they were younger- the huge magnolia on the side lawn. (Unfortunately they cut down all the good, low, climbing limbs) but it was still a great spot for a pyramid of 50, 30 and 10 calf raises interspersed with 40 and 20 raggedy annes.

Finally we headed to the gazebo at the side of the gardens for professional stretching by our favorite yogi, Tritangle, and prayer requests.

To top off the beautiful work out we ended at the plant sale at the greenhouse and stocked up on plants to bring home. Great way to start the weekend!

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