Rainy Day Circuit
February 10, 2018
BB: Cupid Shuffle, Wild West Style
February 10, 2018

BB Wild west

  • When: 02/08/2018
  • Q: Sparks
  • Pax:

Sorry ladies it has taken so long to post. The BB from Thursday February 8th 2018
8 pax came out for a beatdown.
Warm up
10 butt kicks
10 high knees
10 windmills
10 jumping jacks
10 Imperial walkers
10 skaters

The thang:
Route 66 start at the first light post and do one Smurf Jack run to the next light post post to I do to Smurf Jack’s so on and so forth till you get to the 11th that equals 66 Smurfs jacks
Mosey back and get your weights grab some water

Then we moved to the tennis court used the fence as a wall and did a wall sit and worked on our arms.
10 truck drivers in Cadence
10 Wonder bras in Cadence
10 Muhammad Ali’s In Cadence
10 Joe Frazier’s and Cadence
rinse and repeat
Then we went back to the basketball court for abs

10 cup crunchy frogs in Cadence
10 Rosalita’s in Cadence
10 Weezy Jeffersons In Cadence
10 lbc’s on your own
Then we did some group choice exercises
C o t
Name o rama

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