“You ladies might want to move.”
October 12, 2017
“You Can Do It Put Your Back Into It!”
October 12, 2017

BB Thelma: Sagamore Soup

  • When: 10/12/2017
  • Q: Pocahontas
  • Pax: Rooney Skinner, Sticks, Whistle, Touche, Pocahontas (Q)

Five tracksters took their WOD off-track to run 800m repeats.  Our warm-up took us to the Sagamore Swim and Racquet Club by way of Lacie to Ferncliff and right on Barclay Downs.  It seemed everyone forgot their bathing suit, but our running clothes worked well.

The loop was possibly an even more exact 800m route than 2 laps around the oval.  We curved around Sagamore and cut across Henshaw.  This T-Boned back at Sagamore for a perfect .5 miles (or 800m).  Bonus – the route contained not one, but two port-a-pots.

Pace was personal today – as was the rest interval.  Everyone put up a strong effort clocking 6 repeats a piece.  Impressive given the challenges of aqua-jogging.

Please be on the lookout for a preview of my paper on the science of the dew point and its impact on the performance of amateur track athletes.  There is a special section dedicated to Masters.  Not to be confused with the article in Runners World examining the correlation between the dew point, global warming, and your choice of training shoes.

It was wonderful to welcome back Sticks – we missed her but she has not missed a beat.  Thanks to all for coming out!


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