No Rest Needed
October 12, 2017
Iron Maiden PB – Friday the 13th
October 12, 2017

BB – The ER @ Hickory 5:30 10/11

  • When: 10/11/2017
  • Q: Sister Wife
  • Pax: Gemini, Fast Lane, Stride, Thimble, S'mores, Fly Girl, Needlestick, and Fiber (fast like cheetah)

Whew…. the Q drove 85mph on I-40, hoping that the NC Highwaymen were mostly still abed. Rolling into the already assembled FiA faithful and nursing a lower back injury from a very poorly executed deadlift on Sunday, it went like this:

Warm up: 10@ cherry pickers, jacks, high knees, toy soldiers

Mosey to the ER….everyone chasing Fiber who is best described as “fast like cheetah”.

We exexcuted the usual stops along the stairwells to the following exercises, all reasearched as helping to provide muscle strength for the avoidance of lower back pain: Bird dogs (20 total, 10 a side); 25 crunches or big girl sit ups, fielder’s choice; 20 Supermans, 10 arms forward, 10 in fly position; 25 butt bridges, love your glutes ladies!!

Mosey back to the parking lot (chasing the cheetah again) for some ab work: bicycles, Russian twists, reverse crucnches, flutter kicks.

Sweaty circle of love where prayers for all of the victims of recent natural disasters and human tradgedies were asked for, and request of strength for all.


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