BB Hickory – 4 Corners and lots of Burpees!

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June 17, 2018
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June 17, 2018

BB Hickory – 4 Corners and lots of Burpees!

  • When: 06/15/2018
  • Q: Fiber
  • Pax: Thimble

Thimble joined me for a full-body 4-corners workout on a beautiful Friday morning! Here’s what went down…

Quick Warm-Up: Butt-Kickers across FUMC parking lot, Toy Soldiers back across

The Thang:

We did 15 reps of each of the following exercises, and ran to to middle of the parking lot to do 5 Burpees before moving on to the next corner.

Corner 1 – Bicep Curls, Glute Bridges, Bicycles

Corner 2 – Tricep Dips, Lunges, Scissors

Corner 3 – Pike Push-Ups, Squats, Reverse Crunches

Corner 4 – Wonder Bras, Line Jumps, Imperial Storm Troopers


We had just enough time to make it through the whole circuit 3 times!

Wisdom for the day: May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave.


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