Jerribou BB – We ran again. It was great.
September 13, 2017
September 13, 2017

BB: Bring your insurance card, we’re going to the ER!

  • When: 09/13/2017
  • Q: Thunder Road
  • Pax: Fastlane, Fiber, Fly Girl, Needle Stick, Pineapple, Pixie, Sister Wife, Smores, Stride, Thimble

We were 11 Pax strong on this cool fall morning for the ER workout!

  • Warm up: leg stretches- left, right center; 10 arm circles forward and back, thigh stretches- left, right.
  • We moseyed over to the ER. Starting at the base of the hill (what felt like a mountain towards the end) we ran up the sidewalk into the deck and started our leg, booty and abs workout.
    • 40 Russian twists total, then up the stairs to the top of the deck.
    • Then 20 glute bridges with leg lifts (20 each side= 40 total, feel the burn!).
      • Still unsure why only the top of the parking deck was wet and not the sidewalks or roads…
    • Followed by a run to the other side of the deck. 20 sumo squats
    • Down the stairs to the bottom foor 20 plank jacks.
    • A run back down the sidewalk and repeat the workout!
  • We ran back to the block where we did Name-o-rama and prayer!

PS- I think we all deserve a pumpkin spice latte after this.




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