BB Back to Gym Class

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January 6, 2018
Figure 8 is Great
January 6, 2018

BB Back to Gym Class

  • When: 01/06/2018
  • Q: Keys
  • Pax: Picker, Stroller, Needles, Salsa, Two-Step, Digger, Sifter, Stitches, Switch, Sparks, Bookworm, Film, Trails, Recro

AO change for the day due to frigid temps and extreme wind chill in our area! We went back to Gym Class…

Stretch OYO
Imperial walkers (15 IC)
Side lunges (20 OYO)
Cherry pickers (15 IC)

The Thang:

We began with suicides on the ball court: split group, meeting in middle at half court. Repeat twice.

Rock a bye baby
Lying toe touches (legs up wall)
Wall bridges
Tricep pushups

Next we partnered up for some teamwork:
-10 partner hand taps/10 mountain climbers (3xs)*
-Squat jump-high five/ calf raises(5) (20xs)*
Seated partner twist pass (back to back w/weight) – 25 each way
Seated overhead pass (back to back w/weight) – 25
*we repeated the 1st 2 sets again

Dora 123 ABS:
P1 big skips down & back while P2 performs exercise…
-Windshield Wipers – 100
-Gas Pumps – 200*
-Penguins – 300*
*We cut the gas pumps and penguins short for sake of time.

Cool Down: 3 walking laps around court
Devo: Comparison is the thief of joy


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