BB 11Pax for Burn off the brie round 2..

Where’d everybody go?
January 3, 2018
I can either count or keep you warm
January 3, 2018

BB 11Pax for Burn off the brie round 2..

  • When: 01/03/2018
  • Q: Dragon
  • Pax: Badger, Magellan, Einstein, Pitbull, Ace, RiverRunner, Ramseys, Tidewater, Sunshine, MoneyMaid, Target, Dragon

Warmup: Cadence to 10-High Knees, Skaters, Fingertip Toe Jacks, Squat Oblique Raises 10 each side, Thru the Tunnel, Arm Circles

Tabatas 1:10 interval :08 rest  :30 rest between sets

Set 1 X2

Burpees/Bicep Curls/Squat Jumps/Touch heel abs/PushUps/Monkey Humpers/Tuck Jumps/Dirty Girls

Set 2 X1

Overhead tricep extensions/Plyo Lunges/Fire Hydrants/Spiderman planks/Shoulder press w Calf Raises/Toe touch jacks/Side Plank Rotations/Forward Rows

Set 3X1

V-Ups/Flutters/Russian Twists/Iron Crosses/HillBillies

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