1 min Killer Core
February 3, 2018
Rain, rain go away!
February 3, 2018

  • When: 02/03/2018
  • Q: Wonder Woman
  • Pax: Straight Shooter, Partly Cloudy, Whole Coconut, Fixer-Upper, Smooth Operator, Wonder Woman

6 PAX at Foxtrot this cool day after Groudhog Day. 6 more weeks of winter, at least, due to that groundhog seeing his shadow. So a few more cool morning workouts to come.We had a great workout using our Balls Of Fury for the first time. The work out is a pretty simple idea. We had 3 different buckets of plastic balls. The balls are 3 different colors. The orange & green balls have exercises on them. The yellow balls have a number count on them. Each FiA picked an orange or green ball. If the exercise required a rep count then the FiA would grab a yellow ball with a rep count on it.

The Q started the group out picking a green ball with mountain climbers on it. I picked a yellow ball that gave us a 30 count rep for the mountain climbers. We did the 30 mountain climbers, 30 each leg, in cadences. Then it was the next FiA’s turn to choice an orange or green ball.

We did the exercises as a group for the full hour. Each FiA had pulled out balls 3 times, never doubling up on any exercises. We did 3X6 people =18 different exercises.


We all did …
Running as a group
3 style of Burpees
Bear crawls exercises
Push-ups, and variations of them
Lots of ab & core exercises
Etc, etc, etc
~ & ~
A Drill Instructor that nicely made us do arm exercises for 2 minuets straight.

The beat down today was hard & fun at the same time. Never knowing what you would be doing from one exercise to the other. Not even the Q! Kept us all on our toes.


~Fixer-Upper has perfect burpees every time. She makes it look so easy.
~Straight Shooter can rock the America Hammers. Doing all of them from beginning to end with no rest. She’s a Beast!
~Partly-Cloudy loves her ab exercise. She enjoyed the Crunchy Frogs with a smile on her face.
~Whole Coconut was our amazing Drill Instructor that had us all loving and hating her arm exercises.
~Smooth Operator brought up all our spirits with her positive advice and great “Just get it done!” attitude.

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