The Ball Game-Welcome Back, Stellar!!

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December 28, 2017
Station switcheroo take 2
December 28, 2017

The Ball Game-Welcome Back, Stellar!!

  • When: 12/27/2017
  • Q: Mia Mother Tucker
  • Pax: Mia Mother Tucker, Stellar, WeGo, The 411, Bookworm, Bambi, Squirt, Stingray


15  T Jax, IC

10 Toy Soldiers, IC

30 Butt Kickers, OYO
30 High Knees, OYO

10 Arm Cirlces, Forward & Backward, IC

The Thang: Ball Game!

2 Teams of 4; Each team has a ball bag at the trash cans by the parking lot; one team member runs to the parking lot and grabs 2 balls(1 of each color); 1 ball tells them the exercise and 1 ball tells them the number of reps; while the teammate is running, others hold squat; The next teammate does not run till every team member has completed the exercises.


-Overhead Press w/squat

-Renegade Rows

-Bicep Curls


-Single Leg Deadlift

-Skull Crushers

-Lateral Raises

-Chest flys standing

-Lunge w/hammer curl

-Plank w/straight arm kickback

-Bridge w/chest press

We completed two games and in FiA style we finished together! We are all winners!

Mia Mother Tucker
Mia Mother Tucker
A mom to 2 amazing boys, married to an awesome man, trying to get some workouts in when those boys are sleeping!!!

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