First Day of Summer Vacation!
June 12, 2017
Diva PB – Midtown Miles
June 12, 2017

Backroads Back-blast/The Agile Bear and Trios Torture

  • When: 06/10/2017
  • Q: Havarti
  • Pax: April (FNG), Havarti, Serina, Ricotta, Frenchy, Sonny D, Steeplechase

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all the Waxhaw ladies who came out on Saturday morning!  It was an awesome workout and it was even more amazing with the determination you all had on Saturday!  It is always challenging when starting something new, but you all are learning to stay the course when it gets tough.  So, with that said here is the workout for Saturday 6/10……

Warm-up – Claw-jacks (15 in cadence), high knees – (15 in cadence), side to side squats (20 ct.), arm circles forward and backwards (15 ct. each direction)


The Agile Bear

All the bears lined up as Havarti started the first crawl through the zig zag course of wet and slippery grass.  The other ladies completed the first round of exercises until the bear completed the course to the finish.  The bear crawled to the last cone and ran the course back to the finish.  When the bear returned the next bear started the crawl as we all began the 2nd exercise. The crew stuck it out until we completed all of 6 exercises!  Here they are:

Spiderman push-ups, square, plank-jacks, Roo jumps, Pland (3pts. then 2pts), reverse lunge

We then took a mosey over to the parking lot where we started our Trios Torture!  We got in groups of 3 and four while two ladies started at one cone and another started at the opposite cone.  Two ladies would complete two different exercises listed on cones at opposite ends, while the 3rd would complete a dynamic moving exercise all the way down to the other cone.  That person would then free the other to begin the dynamic exercise while she would then begin the static exercise.  So on and so forth.  They would continue this Amrap for 5 minutes.

Amrap 1: spate, squat thruster, Dynamic (walking lunges)

Amrap 2: push-ups, box lunges, Dynamic (burpee jumps)

Amrap 3: mountain climber, star jumps, Dynamic (figure 8)

Amrap 4: plank, squat hold, Dynamic (sprint)

And that’s a rap!  Also, want to say thank you to April, our new FNG for coming out! FIA welcomes you!

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