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July 10, 2018
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July 11, 2018

Backblast — Steele Magnolias

  • When: 07/11/2018
  • Q: solo
  • Pax: Check video!


Good Morning!

6:21 am and I am home making coffee nice and stinky! Not many others can say they have already had laughs and sore muscles by 6 in the morning!

This Wednesday morning I had 16 PAX join me for a weighted Tabata workout. Here is what we did, please feel free to steal!

warm up- lap around perimeter with 15 jumping jacks at each corner. Lap 2, run long, lunge shorts, 15 jacks at the corners.

Tabata 1- high knees, mtn. Climbers, push-ups, speed skaters

Weights- 16 front raise, 16 side raise, 16 shoulder press, 16 rotate

Tabata 2- jumping jacks, squats, pulse lunge (switch legs next round) burpees

Weights- 16 hammer curl, 16 front extension, 16 side extension, 16 rotate

Tabata 3- push ups, V ups, curtsy lunge, side to side then back to front hops.

Weights- 16 kickbacks, 16 arm circles, 16 bent over row, 16 tricep

Tabata 4- bridges, triceps dips, plank jack with push ups, dry docks.

Weights- hold low squat jab, sumo squat side jabs, chair pose & shoulder press, 1:30 rotate of plank!

Circle of abs!

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