Touring the Hill
February 28, 2018
I Just Can’t WEIGHT!
February 28, 2018

Around the Church We Go!

  • When: 02/28/2018
  • Q: Topo
  • Pax: Ketchup, Ramsey, Lonestar, Doogie, Hershey

“Around the Church We Go” was cardio intensive and focused on strength exercises specifically geared toward runners.

We started with a quick warm up: 15 IC cherry pickers, 10 IC toy soldiers, 15 IC butt kickers and 15 jumping jacks.

Then we were off for our first lap around the church.

Stop 1: Under the lights for some upper body strength exercises.

Everyone held plank until the caboose arrived (me- Topo, every time!).

  • 20 plank jacks
  • 20 V push-ups
  • 20 tricep dips

Lap #2 around the church.

Stop 2: Side of the church by the benches for some lower body strength exercises.

Everyone held a squat until the caboose arrived.

  • 20 reverse lunges
  • 20 squat kicks
  • 20 step ups on the benches

Lap #3 around the church.

Stop 3: Under the lights for some more lower body and ABS strength exercises.

  • 10 pistol squats, each leg
  • 15 one-legged heel raises
  • Plank hold 1 minute
  • American Hammers 30 IC
  • Supermans x 25
  • Side plank rotations X 10 each side

Ended with a nice stretch.  Circled up for name-o-rama.

Closed with a few moments of silence for personal reflection.

~Always a pleasure to Q.  FiA sisters stronger together!

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