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March 20, 2017
32 is a Nice Even Number
March 20, 2017

Arms, Shoulders and Core Burn out

  • When: 03/20/2017
  • Q: Traitor
  • Pax: Tide, Sync, Skidder, Wheels, Fetch, Moxie, Glee

What a wonderful way to start the week! I have missed the regular boot camp attendance with the recent P200 training and I look forward to being a regular at boot camp after this weekend. It was a clear, cool morning – the sky was crystal clear and it was a crisp 32 degrees.

Warm up:
15 IC JJ
Cherry Pickers/Butt kickers (down/back)
10 Arm Claps
10 Arm circles each way

4 Stations:
Station 1 –
10 burpees
15 push ups
20 bicep curls
25 deadlifts
30 crunches

Station 2 –
10 burpees
15 push ups
20 shoulder press
25 tricep dips

Station 3 –
10 burpees
15 decline push ups
20 chest fly
25 bent over rows
30 bicycles

Station 4
10 burpees
15 decline push ups
20 lateral raises
25 front raises
30 sec plank

We only had time to go through all stations once and then two additional ones.

Devo today was on doing the right thing, even when things are hard (and easier) to do the easiest thing. A reminder that we are often faced with choices and options and do the right thing! Prayers for continued health for those running P200 this weekend.


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