“Guess how many burpees y’all did?!”
January 13, 2018
A Little Bit of Everything – New Q Prep
January 13, 2018

  • When: 01/13/2018
  • Q: Wonder Woman
  • Pax: Fixer Upper, Straight Shooter, Whole Coconut, Chocolate Chip, Wonder Woman

5 PAX today on this chilly, WINDY, winter Saturday morning. 5 ladies push themselves to get out of bed, get all their layers on & be a little better today … together.

Stretch/warm up for 1 whole song, Chasing The Sun. We were hopping to see a little sun, but no dice. Follow the leader style. (Jumping jacks, side to side shuffles, squats, windmills, arm stretches, running in place)

Run to football field (300 yds or so)

The Thang

Four corners ~ Running the sidelines to the 50 yd line, Grapevine the baseline, 4 cones

(1) 10 each leg – Bulgarian split squats (foot on a bench behind you, squat with leg on the ground)

(2) 10 push-ups

(3) 10 each leg – Lateral lunges (lung to the side, lung to the other side)

(4) 10 In/out is 1 – Plank jacks

After each round. Come together to stay again. 20 sec rest/water. Rinse & repeat ~ X4 ~

Move to picnic benches.

2 min exercises – Do each exercise for 2 min

Wall sit  ( Killer!! )


Dips ( lots for them)


Run back to playground.

Abs ~ 25 each


Pretzel Crunches

Flutter kicks


& a bunch of stretches

& yoga moves

Ending Awesomeness ~

Nameorama & we all told the group something good that happen to us this week. There is lots of good too happening in this crazy work of bad happenings. Less sugar in our diets, cleaning diet choices, needed free time taken, short work week, our AO Foxtrot is now official on FiA Nation & our fabulous shovel flag is done and ready to post every beat down!! Thank you to all the FIA’s for pitching in to buy it & F3 Bloodhound for making it for us.  All really great things!!

All of our amazing ladies killed it today. Fixer-Upper made the wall sit look easy with not breaks for the whole 2 minutes, crazy strong. Chocolate Chip lead the abs & end workout stretches. Wow … we needed that. Whole Coconut was one of the leads in the pack on the four corners & kept it strong till the end. Straight Shooter stepped it up & kept it up during the step -ups. Solid 2 minutes keeping it strong. Awesome job ladies!!

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