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November 30, 2017
Four Corners
November 30, 2017

Animal-Themed Workout

  • When: 11/29/2017
  • Q: Knockout
  • Pax: Knockout, Cork, Rocky, Foster, Popcorn, SheRa, Baby, GoGo, Sunshine, Bama, Restless, Survey Says, Big Tex

Thirteen PAX joined for an animal-themed workout at the Summerville parking garage.

#Elevation AO



  • Run up the stairs to the top and back down
  • Jumping Jack (Rabbits)
  • Windmill toe touches
  • Monkey Lovers

Run stairs to the top.

4x Frog Hop to other side (duck walk as low-impact alternative). 20 Crab Kicks at the end. Repeat. (down and back 2x)

Run down and up stairs.

2x Inch Worms (add a push up for a challenge) to the other side. 20 Inch Worm Crunches at the end. Repeat. (aka 1 down and back)

Run down and up stairs.

4x Bear Crawl to other side. 20 Gorilla Jumps (squat as low-impact alternative) at the end. Repeat.

Run down and up stairs.

2x Crab Walk to other side. 20 Donkey Kicks at the end. Repeat.

Run down stairs.



  • Christmas social is December 17th at the Ponds
  • Bring gifts to any AO for our “adopted” Christmas family

Devo: Psalm 37:3-5

Prayer Request: Survey Says’ brother.

Notes: Original workout had a few more sets, but was modified due to time.

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