Thelma Preblast – July 5th
July 4, 2018
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July 4, 2018

Amber waves of Gains!

  • When: 07/04/2018
  • Q: Triple Falls
  • Pax: Chili, Glacier, Lonestar, BB, FNG Ashiley/5K, Brony, Sandbox, Change of Heart, Triple Falls, Patagonia, Regroup, Blaze, Play-doh, Excel 0.0, BB's sister

15 ladies showed up for our downtown July 4th get down led by Patagoina, Triple Falls and Excel 0.0. This incused 2 FNGs 5K and BB’s sister (we didn’t get to name) Patagonia took the warm up, Triple Falls took the Thang and Excel 0.0 took the abs and the dj-ing. Here is what went down.

Warm up
On the steps – 11’s
1 calf raise at the bottom then run up the steps to the first platform and perform 10 incline push ups on the railing, then 2 calf raises run to the next platform and perform 9 incline push ups, repeat until 10 calf raises and 1 push up

The Thang
All exercises performed for a count of 17 except for the planks which were for 76 seconds. 1776 has significane
R – rockette dips (dips with alternating leg kick at bottom of dip)
E – elbow plank
D – Daniel-son (crane kick, alternating legs)

W – wide-arm merkins
H – hydraulic squats (squat, then left knee touches ground, then right knee, then back up, rinse repeat)
I – inchworms
T – travoltas (plank position, take one arm and reach underneath body then back, {stayin alive style})
E – elbow plank

B – ballerina squats (squats on your tippy toes)
L – low country crab (crab position, right hand up to touch left foot, alternate)
U – up downs
E – elbow plank

10 star jumps then run across the liberty bridge for 10 more star jumps and sing happy birthday to America and run back across the liberty bridge

M – Muhammad Ali’s – 76 sec
E – elbow to knee crunch – 76 sec
R – Real sit ups – 17
I – I think we should do some V-ups – 17
C – Crunches – 76 sec
A – and we should end with some X’s and O’s – 17

Prayers and praises
Regroup – marital situation
Patagoina – son
Change of Heart – daughter

Thank you to all the Q’s and to all the ladies that showed up today. Welcome back Chili!!!!!
Happy Birthday America!!

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