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November 27, 2017
Steel Magnolias PB: You Already Know
November 28, 2017

After Turkey Backblast

  • When: 11/28/2017
  • Q: POTUS
  • Pax: Bones, Jersey, Posh, Buckshot

This morning five PAX gathered for an after Thanksgiving workout that combined cardio and weights. We were even able to get a mile run and abs in the workout, too!


10 Gomers

10 Toy Soldiers


Jog one lap

20 curtsy squats with weighted arm raises (10 each side)

15 jumping jacks

20 wood chops weighted (10 each side)

15 high knees

20 right arm rows

15 jump squats

20 left arm rows

15 step ups

20 bicep curls

15 push ups

20 sumo squats with weights

Jog one lap and repeat set x2

20 crunches

20 heel touches

20 bicycles

20 butterfly crunches

30 second plank


CoT: healing for friends and family, thankfulness, peace

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