Cabin Fever Escape
January 6, 2018
Sock it to ya- Tabata Style
January 6, 2018

Adding the Time

  • When: 01/06/2018
  • Q: Pelé
  • Pax: Jazzy, Beehive, Salt

I’m back to Q’ing and it feels good!  There were three ladies that joined me today in the chilly air.  Here’s what went down.

For each set of three, the first activity was done for 30 seconds, the next for 45, and the last for 60 seconds.

carolina dry docks/reverse plank/dragon squats

froggers/plank jacks/calf raises

tabletops/back fly/jumping jacks

line jumps/chest fly/star crunch

bear squats/ragdolls/squats

Jog around the parking lot

back scratchers/dolphin planks/side leg lift (upper leg)

leg circles/overhead press/side leg lift (lower leg)

mountain climbers/lunge jumps/fast step ups

lean backs/hello dollys/standing frog kicks

push-ups/monkey humpers/fire hydrants

jog around the parking lot


That was it!  I shared Psalm 8 as a reminder of how amazing it is that God cares for us.  Jazzy shared some of the ways God has showed up in her life in little ways.  Be praying for Salt as her family travels for her race!

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