Blue Balls for the WIN!!!
July 5, 2017
Partner fun at WBY!
July 5, 2017

Ab Attack…. with some JT ;)

  • When: 07/01/2017
  • Q: Anchorman
  • Pax: : Noah, Spirit Fingers, Frenchy, Freebird, Punk, Peachy, Pioneer Woman, Home Run, Eagle, Pollock, Cyclone!, and FNG(Triple Threat!)

We had an awesome ab blast workout at the Thicket!


Warm Up 

40 High Knees

30 Second Squat Pulse

30 Second Forward Arm circles

30 Second Backward Arm circles

1:00 Jog in Place

1 lap around Baseball field premieter on pavement

Round 1

100 Crunches/ 10 Burpees

50 Right Side Oblique Crunches/ 25 squats

50 Left Side Oblique Crunches/ 25 squats

50 Winshield Wilers/ 30 Glute Bridges, hold for 30 seconds

Round 2 

100 Russian Twist/ 20 Tricep Dips

50 knee to opposite elbow in Plank( Bees Knees)/20 Shoulder taps

1:00 squatted torso twist/ 20 calf raises regular, then in firs time position, and then inverted

25 Supermans/15 IVT sequence

Plank Challenge 

1:00 regular plank

1:00 right side plank

1:00 left side plank

1:00 rand gulag plank with hip dips

1:00 reverse plank

Justin Timberlake- Summer Love ab workout



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