A FiA Love Letter #MyFIAWhy

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February 14, 2016
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February 14, 2016

A FiA Love Letter #MyFIAWhy

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A FiA Love Letter #MyFiAWhy

Pardon my enthusiasm, I just had to write you a love letter.

This letter is way over due…#MyFiAWhy

I posted this love note Valentines Day 2016 but did not share beyond the blog. Blame that sneaky extrovert/introvert imp.

Here goes the question that ignited #MyFiAWhy.

One day My husband and I were visiting with the Cotchets (F3 CR) about life, kids, F3, FiA, boots, jeans (yes) and faith after we had just finished the 2015 Nashville Half Marathon.We were drinking our cold post race beers with our feet happily up when the conversation led on to this question.

“Can you imagine what would life would be without FIA or F3?”

There was an unusual silence as we stared up in the sky and imagined life with out FiA or F3.

What if.. whoosh. it was all taken away?

We agreed life would be…. 100% different. 

We remembered life before F3 and FIA.

It was different. Pretty good, but different.

A little lonelier. A little quieter. A little too normal.

Work, school, kids, chores, sports, church, gym. Repeat.

Who knew there was more to life?

Looking back now it seems grim!

F3 and FiA had completely changed our lives.

It certainly changed mine.

Not a CLT native, little family, friends moving, divorcing, prolonged grief, politics…yada, yada.

Life was made immediately brighter for me with FiA.

My life has changed because FiA.

Because of each of you.

My #FiAWhy 

I can’t imagine life without FiA.

I think of FiA almost every hour of every day.

I guess I am #FiACrazy.

You too, eh?

That is why I love to hug you when I see you.

I never regret a WOD with you.

I miss FiA when I sleep in.

I even feel guilty when I am away.

I love working out with you, praying with you, and doing events with you.

If I moved, I don’t know what would I would do without you.

FIA started so very small!

LOOK at us NOW.

This is a GREAT lesson for us all to remember everyday.

Start small. 

I know if I take a small step to get my butt up pre dawn to workout with FIA my day will be better. Fact. If you show up, your smile or kvetching will brighten my day even more.. and other FiAs day. Get up and go to more workouts and together we will meet more women we would never know, make new friends, lose weight, get fit, get happier and be freaking invincible.  All this with that first step.

Look what happens when you start small.

FiA also started small.

On 1/13/13 FIA started with just 3 people!

Firecracker (Jas Dillard), MMoniteur (Elizabeth Moniteur) and I (ChiaPet, Amy Rupertus Peacock) met together outside in Myers Park. We felt like rebels in the cold, misty am in Charlotte. We were out there to workout before any gym was even open. We had the streets completely to ourselves. My hubby MMOB tried to lead us F3 style.

Over the next few weeks we grew slowly. FNGs Tinkerbelle, Wheels, Xena Warrior Princess, Bubbles, Peaches, Axl, Guinevere, Fluffy, Malibu, Skippy, Chiquita, Rainbow Bright, Pocahontas, Cheetah, Julia and soon others came out…

Then it just took off!

Women do need FiA.

In just four years, we have created friendships and connections with girls of all ages and backgrounds, we have better health and fitness and more faith. We have a FiA board, an LLC, a robust website, sweet FiA gear, FiAevents, multiple workouts and emerging leaders all across FiAnation!

Life is so much better with FiA. Right? I know.

What would I do without FIA? Um. Not going there again.


I am thankful to God and the entire universe for FiA.

I am thankful for F3, we simply would not be here without them.

I am thankful for Firecracker for being the first to join me in the vision and always lending thoughts to balance and question my exuberant ways.

I am thankful for all FiAs across FiAnation, the new location leaders and Qs who guide us.

I am thankful for the FiA board who manages the website, growth, gear, events, legal and workouts.

You are in my heart and mind every single day.

You are AMAZING. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are STRONG.

You inspire me everyday.


Amy R. Peacock



  1. Broadway says:

    I am so thankful Hemingway brought me in to the FiA mix! The friendships made through FiA are amazing and I am such the cheerleader when it comes to talking about FiA. So a big THANK YOU to the original 3 and the never ending support of all the ladies who support our growth. Love you girls! Hugs & Kisses ~ Broadway

  2. Tick Tock says:

    I am in love with FiA! Life without my 4:40 AM alarm would be so boring! Thank you fearless first 3 for starting small and dreaming big!

  3. Spokes says:

    I remember when FiA was starting, my husband encouraged me to go but I couldn’t convince myself that getting up to run so early was worth it.

    After plugging along on my own for another 2 years I showed up at Air Raid by myself, looking for camaraderie. I found that and more. My husband was right, but better late than never!

  4. Guinevere says:

    Beautiful! Your energy and vision are clearly contagious! xo, G

  5. Diego says:

    CP – I remember stalking you over email for weeks asking when FiA was coming to Ballantyne!! I’m quite sure you must have thought I was crazy. I distinctly remember being at the beach (wine glass in hand) when your email came through to tell me that you were launching a new site at Ballantyne Elementary school. I don’t think I stopped smiling the rest of the night!! And it just so happened to be the week after we returned from the beach. So I was REALLY in need of a good workout! You were the Q and you did not disappoint. I remember leaving and feeling so physically exhausted but I was immediately hooked. And the rest is history. FiA for life yo!!

    • ChiaPet says:

      FiA for Life! Love it. Glad you were persistent in those early daze of FIA. Never thought you were crazy Diego! Loved it! Energy was flowing right and left, to do this and that, so I/we were a little crazed initially – so thanks for stalking!

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