Partners and Planks Workout
July 10, 2018
Mile High Club
July 10, 2018

80’s All Workout Long

  • When: 07/08/2018
  • Q: Gypsy
  • Pax: WELCOME to our 6 new FiA Ladies: Liz"Jake" Wilson, Christina "C.C.O." Deiger, Erin "Basiley" Wolf, Nicole "Taxi" Black, Amal "Cruncher" Awad, & Tracey "Sweet Feet" Tague (from Nevada City, CA.!) 17 pax total

July 8, 2018
The Wall

17 awesome Ladies ROCKED IT to the tunes of the 80’s this morning!

Core Warm Up-
Run in place, butt kicks, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, high kicks, lunge twists, sise-to-side squats, inchworm, bend-over-twist (touch opposite toe), hip circles.
Legs, standing:
20 sumo squats, 40 side leg raises (20 per side).
Legs, on mat:
40 back leg extensions (20 per side), 40 side leg raises w/ knee bent (20 per side), 40 entire leg raises (20 per side), 80 fire hydrants (40 per side).
Duck walk up the Ramp.
Wall Sits (60 seconds on, 10 seconds off), repeat.
Run up remainder of Ramp. Run down steps, to the Wall.
15 Tricep dips.
10 Burpees, 60 seconds High Knees, 15 Squat Jumps. Repeat.
Arms & Abdomen:
Bicycle crunches (60 seconds on, 10 off). Repeat.
Butt Bridge (60 seconds on, 10 off).
Plank (20 seconds on, 10 off, X 4).
Stretch out/Cool Down:
Knee to chest stretch, Cross knee over (bilateral), Cat / Cow, Child’s pose, Shoulder stretch, Quad stretch, Bend forward to stretch posterior legs, Rotate / Circle bilateral ankles.
**Circle of Trust**
“Life won’t SPARKLE unless you do.”
“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they’re always there.”

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