Backblast for Battlefield Wednesday Night
June 21, 2018
Just a taste of jiu-jitsu
June 21, 2018

8-1=7 stations

  • When: 06/21/2018
  • Q: Lemons
  • Pax: LGS, Treble, Homes, Nightingale, Lemons

20 big arm circles forward then 20 backward

20 big cross toe-touches

10 right and 10 left side strecthes

Run and prancer-cise the BusStopLoop

7 stations, 1 min each station, repeat 3 cycles with 10 second transitions between stations

Station 1: Tri-cep dips

Station 2: Jumping-jacks

Station 3: Plank Shoulder taps

Station 4: High Step Ups on play structure

Station 5: Kettle Bell Swing at the swing

Station 6: Jump rope

Station 7: reverse lunges with high knee and weights

Each person was able to do the cycle 3 times

Then weighted Sally Ups!


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