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July 10, 2018
Cone Challenge Backblast
July 10, 2018

70s in the Summer?

  • When: 07/09/2018
  • Q: Tongs
  • Pax: Tongs, Bones, Bahama Mama, Motor Yacht, Sarge, Pinot, Running Horse, Skiff, Flip, Council

What is this heavenly weather?  70s in the Summer, at the beach.  It was the perfect start to the week, and 9 pax joined me as we tackled Dora on the field.  After a short warm up of jumping jacks, arm circles, and some dynamic stretches, the fun began.

The Thang: Partner up for Dora 1-2-3.  During 100 exercise, partner bear crawled 30 yards/back; during 200 exercise, partner ran 60 yards and back; during 300 exercise, partner crab crawled 30 yards/back.

Dora #1: 100 push-ups, 200 squats, 300 LBCs

Dora #2: 100 tricep dips, 200 lunges, 300 Russian Twists

Dora #3: 100  froggers, 200 plank jacks, 300 reverse crunches

We ended with a quick stretch/COT.

“There are plenty of difficult obstacles in your path.  Don’t allow yourself to become one of them.” — Ralph Marston




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