Did you say 90?!?
September 15, 2017
A Twist on Fat Amy
September 16, 2017

  • When: 09/14/2017
  • Q: Yogi
  • Pax: Bon Jovi, Scoot, Dane, Blender, Snarky

6 pax arrived early Thursday morning for the cliff notes version of my BRR legs.

Warm up- jog around Hanes Park to Wiley School & warm up with Imperial Storm Troopers, Arm Circles, and Back Lunges.

Leg 1 Simulation- sprint down Northwest Avenue to Reynolda, imagine a gorgeous sunrise over mountains. Turn left at Reynolda & proceed to Buena Vista.

Leg 2 Simulation – Appropriately, a Porta Potty marked the beginning of this portion of the workout. We didn’t have quite enough time to run 4 miles of continuous uphill, but represented with 2 400s up and back Buena Vista. At the bottom do 20 squats (to represent porta potty necessities), 20 Peter Parkers (maneuvers required to successfully exit the van), and 20 push-ups since we were already on the ground. Finally Run up BV to Stratford, successfully running a full mile uphill on this road  Raggedy Annes while waiting for everybody

For transition to Leg 3, turn right on Stratford and imagine an accidental excursion to Tennessee

Leg 3 Simulation- nice downhill on Reynolda back to West End to end on an uphill to where we began

We clocked over 5 miles in our taste of the BRR




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