Frog Pond Friday Burpees Optional Back-Blast
January 12, 2018
BB: Friday Fun at Iron Maiden
January 12, 2018

5 for 5

  • When: 01/12/2018
  • Q: Alamo
  • Pax: Mrs. 3, Grasshopper, Bronte, Sparkle, Frog, Legal Eagle, Rojo, Ramsey, Kiwi, Gingko, Hershey

The threat of rain did not stop 12 PAX from joining the morning fun at Ridge & Shine.  It was breezy and a little balmy (64 degrees) and a nice change from the freezing temps that had kept us away for a couple of weeks.

In honor of the 5 year FiAversary and the 5 month Ridge & Shine anniversary, we had 5 stations set up with some killer exercises.  It went a little like this…

WARM-O-RAMA:  Two long, deep breaths, Toy Soldiers, Jumping Janes, Cherry Pickers, High Knees.


We had two exercises at each station.  Complete the first exercise then jog to the next station and complete the first exercise.  Jog to the next station, complete the first exercise, etc.  In the second round do the same completing the second exercise.  If time allows, rinse and repeat.

Station 1:

Around the World Lunges – 10 each

Lt. Dans – 10 each

Station 2:

Push-up to Shoulder Airpress – 10 each

Carolina Dry Docks – 10 each

Station 3:

Fire Hydrants – 10 each

Donkey Kicks – 10 each

Station 4:

Chinooks (forward then back) – 10 each

Tricep Dips – 10 each

Station 5:

Burpees – 10

We did a little rinse and repeat until time was called.


Circle Up Leg Press – everyone was on their mats, legs at a 45 degree angle. One person went around the circle and pressed down on each person’s legs and returned to her spot.  Then the next person got up and pressed down on everyone’s legs (as they resisted), until everyone had gone around.

X/O exercise – 10

American Hammers – 20 IC


We sank into child’s pose for a few deep breaths and were done.


Announcements – New AO starting January 22 at Calvary Church on Pleasant Ridge Rd, Grasshopper is Site Q.  WOOHOO!  We wrapped up in prayer, including special thoughts and blessings for Summit’s pregnancy and thankfulness for the encouragement FiA has been to all of us.  #letHislightshine

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